Employment Opportunities


At New Heights we believe strongly in a person-centered care approach. We strive to utilize the art of active listening while honoring the person's unique choices, needs, and desires. Our staff members are called "care partners", not "caregivers". The reason behind this decision is based on the actual word caregiver. When you break this word in half, care/giver, it refers to one who only consistently gives care, thus a one-way street. We understand what creates a healthy, balanced relationship is when both individuals experience a mutual bond of both giving and receiving, whether that be of love, time, attention, kindness, etc. In turn we as "Care Partners," enter into a new relationship where we will work together to accomplish a task or goal all while honoring each other and celebrating in our accomplishments. Our team of staff follow our mission, "Taking quality care and purposeful living to new heights". If you also believe and uphold this perspective , we may have room for you on our staff.


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